Friday, April 22, 2011

S is for Sick

I don't like to be sick.

I started feeling the tickle in my throat while I was at work yesterday afternoon.  My mom has been sick since last Friday with what ended up being bronchitis.  I am refusing to get bronchitis, so I'm sticking to the story that my cough is just from allergies.  Other than the cough, I feel fine for the most part.  But the cough alone is wearing me out.  Remember on C day when I said I don't like coughs?  Yep, still don't!


  1. take a cold-eeze right now. just in case.
    I hope it's not too late!
    happy s day and feel better =)

  2. Sorry that you are sick! Maybe you will feel better soon....

  3. Get better Jamie.

    It's difficult that both you and your mother are under the weather - it makes it difficult for either of you to be there for the other.

    Well, I'm sending you and your mother Get Well Wishes and Happy Thoughts too.


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