Tuesday, April 12, 2011

J is for Jon and January.

I like Jon.
That's me and Jon when he first came home from the hospital!

Jon is my younger brother.  Actually, he's my only brother.  Actually, he's my only sibling. ☺
When he was born, I really wanted a sister.  After all, I was 8 and if I had to share my parents' attention with someone else, it better be a fun girl that I could play with!
Well, Jon wasn't a girl (thank goodness!), and I ended up liking him anyway (I may have still tried to play with his hair when he was really little, but you can't prove that!).
I may have been a little jealous of Jon when we were young (maybe), but as we've grown older, we've become pretty close.
Here are a few pictures of Jon (and some with me) throughout the years.
Jon's first birthday.

Not too sure how old he is here, toddler age though...
Helping sand the wood smooth. ☺

Jon holding my cousin's baby (that little girl is now in high school!).
If you couldn't tell, Jon's a bit uncomfortable about holding babies! ☺

Jon and I at Legoland (I think that's what it's called) in Florida.

Same trip to Florida.
Me, Gigi, Mom, Dad, Jon

Jon's 10th birthday.  He had a Lego cake!

No clue what year this is...
Jon in Dad's lap, Mom is hiding behind Dad, me, Gigi, and Uncle Paul.

Again, not sure of the year...
Granny, Dad, Jon, and me.

In January 2000.
Me, Gigi, Jon.

Early 2000's.
Me, Mom, Gigi, Jon, Aunt Sylvia.

Jon when he became an Eagle Scout!

Jon and Dad.
This is Jon's senior year of high school.  He was in the Precision Metal
Machining program.  This picture was taken just after he had won 1st place
at the regional competition.  He went on to take 1st in States and the 1st in the
Nationals.  Jon was the best Metal Machining student in the entire country that year!
Yay Jon!!
And, that's all!  ☺ Jon's a great guy!

I don't like January.

January is long and cold...and snowy and cold...and cold...Did I mention that January is cold?

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