Sunday, April 3, 2011

Misadventures in sap collecting

Today my mom and I had to collect sap again.  I won't take you through the whole thing again.  If you want to relive it, you can go here and read about yesterday's adventures in sap collecting.  Today's sap collecting was pretty much the same as yesterday's sap collecting, except for 2 changes.

Change #1:
My brother, Jon, came over and helped us collect sap (actually, he came over to have lunch with us, but we talked him into helping us collect sap too).
I didn't get a picture of Jon today, so I'm using the only one I can find on my computer right now.
This is Jon with his girlfriend, Brittany last summer. ☺

Change #2:
As I was stepping over a log, a branch jumped up and bit my ankle (through my big boots) causing me to trip over the log and fall.
See that horrible, awful bruise on my ankle?!?
See, it's right there!
Okay, so the bruise isn't really that bad (really, there is a bruise, it's just really hard to capture on the camera).  The other thing that the pictures don't show is the big lump underneath that bruise.

But it hurts like a bugger!
And Dad's home, so this ends my sap collecting career.  The end.

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