Friday, April 15, 2011

M is for Music and Mice

I like Music.

I've always like music.  The earliest music I can remember listening to was New Kids on the Block. ☺  I have pictures somewhere of me at about 9 years old surrounded by all of my NKOTB "stuff".  I'll spare myself the embarrassment by not sharing any of those pictures!
I enjoy almost any kind of music, except for the hard "head-banging" rock (sorry, it just gives me a headache! ☺).
Some of my favorites:

Oh, and can't forget my college days...loved these guys back then:

Not only have I always loved listening to music, but back in elementary school, I started playing the Clarinet.  I played it all they way through high school.  I also loved Kenny G and his Soprano Saxophone (not the clarinet, as many people have thought!), so I started playing that in high school.  Sadly, I didn't continue with either of them after high school...but I've recently found both of my instruments!  I took them out to see how much, if any, I remembered how to play, and only managed to scare my mom's dog and send my dog into a howling fit!  It was quite funny, though. ☺

I don't like mice.
Especially when they are either A) in the house or, B) in my car.  Both of which have happened this year.  Several weeks ago, Ricky, who is great at detecting mice in the house, discovered that there was, indeed, a mouse in the entry of our house.  He spent all day stalking the nasty little critter as it hid.  Once he was able to get it out, we called in the big dogs (literally) to come finish the job (take it outside and take care of it).
Around that same time, I discovered that the empty raisin box I accidently left in my car was moved to the floor of my driver's seat and had little chew marks in it...I also discovered my tube of chapstick was chewed up...I freaked out (because all I could imagine was me, driving down the road and having a mouse start crawling up my leg!), gloved up, and cleaned out my entire car.  Mouse "get-ridderers" were put in place and I moved my car out of the garage (in hopes that if my car wasn't in the cozy garage, it wouldn't be so tempting to the rodents).  I haven't seen any evidence of a mouse since then, so I am just going to hope that little Mickey is gone, never to return again!

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  1. You do like music, I do too. Now mice, as long as they stay away, I am fine with :)


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