Monday, April 11, 2011

I is for I Love Lucy

I like I Love Lucy.

I own a lot of I Love Lucy collectible items!  More than I have room for right now, so sadly, most of my Lucy things are in storage right now :o(  I could fill an entire room with all my I Love Lucy "stuff"!  And someday, I would love to be able to do just that!  In addition to my I Love Lucy collections, I also collect anything to do with Lucille Ball (I just think she was absolutely beautiful!).
Not a great picture, but this is one of my favorite
Lucille Ball pictures.
So, back to I Love Lucy.  I own 2 copies of the TV series.  My parents were giving me the boxed set of each season for Christmas, and then the boxed set of the entire series came, I have both!
My all-time favorite scene is when Lucy is at the hospital giving birth to Little Ricky.  Ricky has a show to perform that evening at the Tropicana.  He has to get ready for his Voodoo act, so to save time and stay at the hospital as long as he could, he puts his makeup on at the hospital.  So funny!

Another favorite scene is when Lucy tells Ricky that she is "enceinte".  Back then, they were not allowed to say the word "pregnant" on television, so they had to say she was having a baby and titled the episode "Lucy is Enceinte".  Anyway, Lucy tries several times to tell Ricky that she is having a baby, but never gets a chance.  In the end, she decides to surprise him by telling him while he's singing at the club.  I love this scene because their emotions are real.  They were expecting in real life as well as on the show, so when they get choked up during his song, that is real emotion, not acting.

I can't think of an "I don't like" for letter i, so I'm skipping that for today, cuz I want to!


  1. You did a great tribute to "I Love Lucy". It was a classic TV show! Thanks

  2. I am an "I Love Lucy" fan too. :) Loved this post!


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