Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Big Day Tomorrow

I have a job interview tomorrow!  This is very exciting because my job search for a full time teaching position hasn't gone well since I moved back to Michigan 2 years ago.  I've only gotten a couple of interviews since the move.  Tomorrow's interview is for a special education teaching position (which is what I'm certified in).  I've spent the past several days completely redoing my portfolio, studying up on the district, getting my suit out and ready, finding my good "interview" jewelry (necklace and earrings my grandma gave me before my very first interview).
Physically, I'm ready.

Mentally, psychologically, I'm not.

I'm nervous...

I'm scared...

I couldn't sleep last night, because every time I closed my eyes, I thought of another interview question that will probably be asked...and then I had to try to come up with the perfect answer.  Concise, to the point, accurate, honest, shows I know what I'm doing, but not too long and rambly.

I've (somewhat) enjoyed subbing - it's given me the opportunity to see a variety of classrooms, meet a variety of teachers, and get lots of new ideas to bring into a classroom of my own.  However, subbing isn't consistent.  It's sporadic - some weeks I work a full 5 days; other weeks, I get just a 1/2 day.  It's a new group of students, new names, new faces, new situations, every day.  I need something more than that.  I need my own classroom, my own students, a consistent schedule...I need the stability of a full time teaching position.

Sorry for the long, rambling post (gee, I hope I don't ramble like this tomorrow!), I just needed to get it out.  I'm done now.


  1. Good luck on your interview! I know how hard it is. I've been subbing for the past 3 years and I'm certified for General Education and Special Education. It's hard out there right now. Good luck! Go Get 'Em

  2. sending good luck vibes and positive thots your way!
    they will love you!

  3. Good luck with the interview! Just remember to be yourself and try to relax.

  4. My interviews have been few and far between too. Good luck! Practice and portfolio readiness is all you can do.

  5. Good luck! Now that you've gotten the rambling out of your system, you'll do great!!


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