Tuesday, July 5, 2011

I Love Getting Mail!

Okay, well not all mail...I hate getting bills!  But the mail I'm talking about today is a fun package I got in the mail recently.
Teresa, a.k.a Mama Hen, over at Hen Scratches sent me a lovely package.  I was so very excited when it came because I knew she was passing along some books!  Yay!  I love reading, and these books are all books that I've never read before!  How exciting!  I can't wait to dig in!  Oh, and check out the other fun surprises she sent me - a pack of book labels and a cute little pin!

I'm bummed that I have to wait to start reading these until I finish these classes I'm taking right now, but the payoff for finishing will definitely be worth it!

Thank you so much, Teresa, for this special package!  Oh, by the way, my mom is also enjoying her new horse book!

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  1. You are very welcome! My girl and I share our books too - isn't it great to have someone to discuss them with?


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