Monday, May 9, 2011

Meet Me On Monday

There is no new Meet Me on Monday for this week, but since there are so many past MMOM's that I've missed, I decided just to pick an old one to do this week. ☺
Here are the questions: 

1.  If you had to eat only one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?
Ooh, that's a hard one...I think I'd have to say either 
Bread of any kind


I love both! ☺
2.  Do you write your blog posts in advance or the day you post them?
I do both.  Usually, I write them the day I post them, but sometimes, if I have an idea in my head for a future post, I'll write it in advance and schedule it.

3.  Have you ever ridden in an ambulance?

Once, just a couple of years ago.  I was at work and doubled over in pain (on the floor, behind my desk, so that my students couldn't see me).  My co-teacher, administrator, and our school nurse all came in and our nurse called for an ambulance to come take me to the hospital.  Turned out to be an Ovarian Cyst.

  4.  What is your favorite candle scent?
Yankee Candle's Buttercream is my absolute favorite.
I also like coconut, strawberry, apple,
and pretty much any fruity scent. ☺

5.  Coffee or tea?

Neither.  I would love to drink coffee to help get me going in the morning, but I just can't stand the taste.  I don't like tea either, hot or iced.  I prefer hot chocolate for a hot drink in the winter or just plain cool, clear well water. ☺


  1. Great answers! I think I am with you on the foods, though I am going to need some chocolate thrown in there from time to time.

  2. I write my blog posts the same way you do! I am trying to work more on them but???


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