Thursday, September 8, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

Wordless Wednesday - a day late because I kinda fell asleep waiting for the pictures to load. ☺

Today, for your viewing pleasure, the reason I've been absent from blogging lately:

My new classroom when I first walked into the room (full of "stuff", some of which is older than me!):
Standing in the doorway to my room, I was literally met
with a wall of "stuff".

Don't be fooled by that big empty space there in the middle
of the floor!  I forgot to take pictures before we had
already moved 4 tables out of that space.

Piled on the counters...stuff...

Art cabinet, stuffed with...stuff...

Construction paper...shoved all over...

An empty space! Except for the piles on top...

More stuff...piled to the ceiling...

Cabinet filled with stuff...

More stuff...

Long unit of shelves...stuffed with boxes of...stuff...

And now, the room after much (much, much, much) purging of "stuff" and organizing of what's left:
The new view from the doorway!

Again standing in the doorway.

Calendar/Circle area.


Purged and reorganized art cabinet.

But I ask...How much paint (↓↑) does one classroom need? 
I threw out half of the paint that was in the cabinet, and I
still have 2 whole shelves full of paint!

These books are now covered by a curtain to deter little
ones from pulling out every single book. ☺

View of the room from my desk!
A big thanks goes out to my mom, who spent 4 looooong days in this room with me! ♥ you Mom!!


  1. It looked great when we were done, didn't it? I love that I was able to help! You're a great teacher and I hope that you have a great year! :-)

  2. Splendid job... I remember those days myself!! Tossing out former teachers' ancient junk is a big job but it's such a relief when it's done. I actually threw out kindergarten screening forms (speech) on kids older than I was... I figured it no longer mattered which kids could say their r correctly when they were five...

  3. Y'all did a great job. Makes me want to go back to school and have fun with all that stuff...well, almost.


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