Sunday, March 27, 2011


Hello and welcome to my blog! As you've probably seen, I am a substitute teacher desperately searching for a classroom of my own. As I go about my life as a sub, I've decided to blog about my experiences, both in the classroom, and in my own personal life.
Most of what I'll blog about is just the mundane, everyday life "stuff", but it's my life, so it must still be interesting! Right? But, honestly, subbing does offer some amusing moments, which are worth sharing!
I've put off blogging for a long time thinking "Who wants to read this stuff anyhow?" Then I realized that it doesn't matter if no one reads it or if a million people read it! I'm writing for me, and if anyone else wants to come along for the ride, you're absolutely welcome to join me! Just be easy on me, I'm new at this, and not really sure what I'm doing quite yet! ☺

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